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Whether you're a teacher or a student, Chiara University prepares you to improve your public speaking skills and fear of speaking in front of others.

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You can practice as much as you need in a private setting.

There is no trick, you improve by practicing.

Have you ever felt nervous before presenting your project or work?

Chiara University is a training program that prepares you to communicate better and overcome nerves when speaking in public:

Combating pre-speech nerves: we will teach you how to overcome the nerves before speaking in public, it’s easy and can be trained!
Improving oratory: you will develop technical skills in paraverbal communication, verbal communication, and eye contact to convey and influence better.
Self-esteem: during the process, you will develop skills that positively impact your confidence level.


Traditional classroom-based skills training cannot achieve real and measurable improvements.

1. Lack of time to practice without real environments.
2. There is no way to measure objectively.
3. Subjective Feedback


Chiara improves communication skills using new technologies.

1. Immersive experience through Virtual Reality.
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Personalized coaching.

A educational metaverse.

Chiara is an educational metaverse that encompasses the latest technology applied to the education sector (EdTech). Virtual Learning training compared to traditional training is x4 times more effective because it emotionally connects and has a 275% applicability to the job position according to this study by PwC.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience 100% immersive thanks to interaction with real people in real scenarios.

Advanced Analytics (IA y PNL)

Intonation, speed, rhythm, volume, clarity, pronunciation, positivity, filler words, filled pauses, silences, and eye contact (distribution, duration, and focus).

Objective feedback (IA)

The student receives Qualitative Feedback (200,000 combinations of feedback) in each of the practices in the form of video, heat map, and filler phrases.

What is the content of the training?

Chiara consists of 2 training blocks subdivided into 3 modules each, with a total of 6 real-life scenarios to practice in.

Module 1


  • From stage fright to stage delight.
  • The structure of the message: Key to a successful presentation.
  • Non-verbal communication.

Module 2


  • Interruption management.
  • Advantages and security of video conferencing.
  • Most frequent errors.

How do I start?

The Onboarding process at Chiara is very simple, we solve it in 4 main steps.

The operation of Chiara’s application is very simple so that you can focus on what really matters, practicing a lot.

  1. Purchase a Chiara Legal license.
  2. You receive the username and password in the registration email.
  3. Download the application from the AppStore or PlayStore.
  4. Start practicing!

Chiara Conference Scenes

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

Scenario 5

Scenario 6

The cross-platform app

You can use Chiara both on desktop mode and through the native app for IOS and Android, with the app being necessary for VR practices.

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