Chiara Legal is a training program where you can prepare your defense in a trial using virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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Thus learn the managers of 80% of the companies in the Ibex.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Can you imagine being able to practice your speeches with real people and with unlimited time? Chiara is a training that uses Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to prepare you for:

  • Combatting glossophobia: that is, to lose the fear or nerves before a public presentation.
  • Improving oratory: you will develop technical communication skills in paraverbal, verbal, and eye contact to better convey and influence.
  • Self-esteem: during the process, you generate skills that influence your confidence index.


Traditional classroom-based skills training cannot achieve real and measurable improvements.

1. Insufficient time to practice without real-world environments.
2. There is no way to measure objectively.
3. Subjective Feedback.


Chiara improves communication skills using new technologies.

1. Immersive experience through Virtual Reality.
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Personalized coaching.

A Educational metaverse.

Chiara is an educational metaverse that encompasses the latest technology applied to the education sector (EdTech). Virtual Learning training compared to traditional training is x4 times more effective because it emotionally connects and has a 275% applicability to the job position according to this study by PwC.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Experience 100% immersive thanks to interaction with real people in real scenarios.

Advanced Analytics (IA y PNL)

Intonation, speed, rhythm, volume, clarity, pronunciation, positivity, filler words, filled pauses, silences, and eye contact (distribution, duration, and focus).

Objective feedback (IA)

The student receives Qualitative Feedback (200,000 combinations of feedback) in each of the practices in the form of video, heat map, and filler phrases.

Chiara Mastet Content

Chiara is composed of 8 training blocks, each subdivided into 3 modules, with a total of 24 real scenarios for practice.

Module 1


  • Nerves, be gone.
  • Deep breathing.
  • Self-confidence, take the floor!

Module 2


  • The purpose of this presentation.
  • Objectives, content development, and analysis.
  • Rehearsal of the presentation.

Module 3

Nonverbal Communication

  • Nonverbal Communication: The Voice
  • Gestural Communication: It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
  • Recommendations and Advice.

Module 4

Verbal Communication

  • Verbal Communication: Keys.
  • Creating a good story and a headline.
  • The power of words.

Module 5


  • Functions of eye contact.
  • Keys to distributing the gaze.
  • The best feedback channel: eye contact.

Module 6

Influence Communication

  • Influence Communication TED level.
  • AIDA Method.
  • Use of influential language.

Module 7


  • Know your audience: what you should know.
  • Types of audience.
  • Connection with the audience.

Module 8

The Master Techniques

  • Magic in Your Presentation through Storytelling.
  • Success Presentations: Steve Jobs’ Keys.
  • Take it with Humor.

Chiara Scenarios

Thanks to the 24 scenarios and the real listeners, we achieve an immersive experience where we learn to manage the nerves prior to speaking in public.

Meeting room

Scenario Extra TedX

Scenario Extra EFE

Meeting room 2

Scenario: auditorium

Extra Scenario Interview

The cross-platform app

You can use Chiara both on desktop mode and through the native app for IOS and Android, with the app being necessary for VR practices.

Chiara App Statistics

The results of our students speak for themselves.

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Some of our clients

Our client portfolio comes from different sectors and industries.

Jose Ángel Díez SequeraRepsol's Technological Department

Because of the roles I perform, Chiara has indeed appealed to me, at least for these three reasons: it is truly something new, disruptive; the use of virtual reality / augmented reality allows the student to bypass the emotional barrier of the audience and take responsibility for their learning; and finally, and for the sake of coherence, its name vindicates the Mediterranean contribution... Kudos to Chiara!

Marta CerameAudiovisual Director at News agency EFE

Training with Chiara has been very stimulating for me; in fact, I believe that, like any experience of interaction and virtual reality, it has some addictive component.

Víctor M. León CarmonaAccenture's Learn & Talent Development

It seemed to me a very interesting and innovative option. A real luxury that allows an unlimited number of immersive experiences in which to practice communication skills in a safe environment. Impressive the use it makes of Artificial Intelligence to facilitate personalized and objective coaching.

Meritxel ComasLaboratorios Isdin

Chiara seamlessly combines Team Training experience in the field of knowledge transmission with Artificial Intelligence. The result is a pair of Virtual Reality glasses where the student will have a coach at their disposal to accompany them at any time and place. I see great potential in a solution that is still to be explored in our country.

Ana Virginia MendiguchiaEndesa Energía

I think it's a good way to practice presentations by facing different scenarios, improving structure, vocalization, and controlling timing. The theory provided is very comprehensive.

Cristina García MoralHR Talent Manager, AKI

When a potent level of knowledge and experience comes together with the latest technology, you can't imagine how far it can take you until you encounter CHIARA. It's Digital Learning, interactive, straightforward, and highly engaging.

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Generates influence in your listeners.